What is so special about Freeze Drying?

Freeze drying, scientifically called lyophilization, is a 36-hour process that eliminates all water from products. Often used for astronaut food and military rations, it transforms the texture and flavor of sweets. Skittles turn from chewy to crunchy, Squashies become both crunchy and melt-in-your-mouth, offering a unique taste experience. Discover this exciting twist on your favourite sweets.

Watch the flavors explode as freeze-drying works its magic, transforming ordinary sweets into extraordinary delights!

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Freeze Dried Sweets
Freeze Dried Sweets
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Below FAQ are some common concerns of our custiners before purchasing our sweets.
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About Freeze Dried Sweets

Freeze Dried Sweets tastes sweeter and richer than the original, as they are more concentrated due to the loss of water natural in freeze-drying. The sweets may puff up or “explode” and no longer look like the original. The benefit of freeze-drying your sweets is that it makes your sweets taste even better than before.

Because the word freeze is used in freeze-dried food, some may think that once preserved, freeze-dried foods have to remain frozen—this is not true. You can keep freeze-dried foods at room temperature. Once the freeze-drying process finishes, there is no more need to keep them cold.

Freeze dried sweets have a stronger flavour than their normal counterparts due to the removal of water during the freeze-drying process. This process concentrates the flavours and preserves their intensity. However, personal preferences, ingredient quality, and texture changes can also influence the overall taste experience.
Yes, Freeze Dried Sweets usually have fewer calories than normal sweets because the removal of water concentrates the remaining calories. However, the reduction in calories might not be as significant as you'd think due to the retention of sugar and fat.
Certainly! Our offerings include an extensive variety, presenting the largest range available. We pride ourselves on competitive rates, ensuring exceptional value. Furthermore, our quick turnaround time underscores our commitment to prompt service. Head over to our wholesale site - freezedriedsweetswholesaler.com
Absolutely, we're more than willing to attempt freeze-drying anything you request. However, it's important to note that while we can successfully freeze dry many items, there are instances where certain items might not yield the desired results. For instance, grapes tend to undergo a significant transformation... they fully evaporate, and chocolate remains largely unchanged. Despite this, if you have specific items you'd like us to test, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We're open to conducting experiments and exploring new possibilities. Your input is greatly appreciated!
While chocolate can be difficult to freeze dry, it is still possible to freeze dry candy that contains some chocolate. Milky Way and Double Decker are both chocolate-coated candy that many people love when freeze dried.
You can access a comprehensive ingredients list for each product on its respective listing, with detailed information provided in the description. Additionally, if you require a complete ingredients list for any specific item, feel free to reach out to the shop through direct message for assistance.
When stored in airtight conditions, freeze-dried sweets can last from several years to over 25 years due to their low moisture content. Proper storage away from moisture, heat, and light is essential for maintaining their quality and shelf life.